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Skin Treatments

  • Sweet & Plump Facial 65.00

    This beautifying skin treatment addresses common skin concerns by implementing a customized regime. It consists of steam cleaning pores, deep penetrating sugar paste exfoliation, extractions, calming mask, toner, and finishing with a face massage using a serum or moisturizer to increase circulation and tone the underlying muscles. Facials are designed to boost the immediate appearance and overall health and longevity of the skin. This facial can be a stand-alone service or combined with sugaring hair removal.

  • Sweet & Smooth Vajacial 45.00

    Vajacials are just as it sounds, facials performed on the vaginal area of the body. The vajacial is a revitalizing treatment that involves the extraction of in-grown hairs, removal of dead skin cells, and unclogging pores. This treatment assists in the prevention of break-outs and hair bumps while helping you repair and maintain healthy, hydrated, and even-toned skin. Areas of focus are only on the bikini line, pubic mound (the V-shaped area where pubic hair grows), and outer labia, nothing is inserted or applied to the inside of the vagina. A vajacial treatment typically includes steam cleaning pores, mild enzyme exfoliant, extractions, custom mask, and toner, completed with a skin brightening serum or moisturizer. * DO NOT SHAVE THE DAY OF APPOINTMENT! * IF THERE IS HAIR, IT SHOULD BE NO LONGER THAN A GRAIN OF RICE!


  • Lips & Chin $30
  • Full Face Hair Removal $45
  • Full Face Hair Removal & Facial $100
  • Underarm & Bikini (Brazilian +$15) $75
  • Underarm, Bikini, & Half Leg (Brazilian +$15) $140
  • Brazilian & Vajacial $110

Sugaring Services

  • Lips $15
  • Chin $18
  • Eyebrows $18
  • Sideburns $15
  • Underarms $30
  • Half Arms $45
  • Full Arms $60
  • Half Legs $65
  • Full Legs $110
  • Chest $35
  • Abdomen (Side to Side) $20
  • Back $55
  • Bikini $55
  • Brazilian $75
  • Male Brazilian $75
  • Buttocks (Full Cheeks) $35
  • Extractions Add-On $15

    *Additional time for excessive extractions of clogged pores and in-grown hairs. Can only be added to hair removal services as this is already included in the facial and vajacial treatment.

Sugar Parties

Planning a bridal party or just want to have fun with the girls? Contact Sugaring with Love today to book a sugaring party! This is a mobile service where we come to you! Our fully staffed parties are group events, we accommodate groups of 3-15 people. Give us a call and let us help you with all the planning.


A membership with Sugaring with Love means access to monthly services at lower rates along with free and/or discounted products. Sugaring with Love wants to make your self-care routine hassle-free and affordable by offering several memberships because everyone’s needs differ. Pay Less – Get More!

  • Lips & Chin Membership $25

    Recommended every 2 weeks

  • Full Face w/ Hair Removal Membership $85

    Recommended monthly

  • Brazilian Membership $65

    Recommended every 4-6 weeks

  • Brazilian & Vajacial Membership $100

    Recommended every 4-6 weeks


You get to decide how frequently you like services ranging from 2-6 weeks.

If you are not able to use it during that billing period, we do allow you to share it with friends and family.

You can cancel at any time in-house or online.

You have 30 days to use the service of the last payment—no refunds on previous payments.